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  • Morso Wood Stoves: Background, Uses, and Customer Choices

    morso wood stovesMorso wood stoves and its background: Even before Morso showcased various types of stove products for customers, the company started as an iron foundry established by N.A. Christensen. Quality and designs became two things that allowed the company to be a reputable product provider. Solid fuel stoves as well as cooking appliances became their leading offers. After radiators became popular in 1950s, modern types of stoves were crafted and were made available for consumers.

    Morso wood stoves and ways to remember to achieve optimum use: For new Morso stoves, it is necessary to just start making small fires before making larger ones. This is to allow the interior paint to heat up and adjust. Most models of Morso stoves can utilize any kind of wood for fueling. However, use of those woods that have high moisture, are wet, and greenish must be minimized. Fuel woods must be stored for at least one to two years.

    Also, drift wood must not be used because when these are burned, salt content will be released that will destroy the stove’s interior and chimney. Furthermore, wood that are painted, glued, and tainted with resins must not be used with Morso wood stoves because of harmful gas and other fume emissions. It is also essential that factors such as ventilation, lighting method, chimney draught and heat output are considered.

    For customers who want Morso wood stoves, here are some models and their specifications.

    morso wood stoves 6140Morso 6140 with large glass doors, 5.9 kilowatts output and measures 753 mm in height, 451 mm in width and 386 mm in diameter.

    Morso 6148 with 5.9 kilowatts output and measures 950 mm in height, 451 mm in width, and 386 mm in diameter.

    Morso 8140 is made from cast iron with stainless steel handle that is removable and output of 6.3 kilowatts. This measures 869 mm in height, 530 in width and 450 mm in diameter.

    Morso 8142 has the same features with 814s Morso wood stoves, but with handy log drawer located just below the firebox. This is powered by 6.3 kilowatts output and 1031 mm height, 530 mm width and 450 mm in diameter.

    Morso 8147 is among Morso wood stoves that is equipped with cast iron makeup, stainless steel handle, removable handle, 360° rotating plinth, 6.3 kilowatts output and measures 1144 mm height, 530 mm width, 500 mm diameter.

    Morso Viking generates 5.4 kilowatts output and is described to be 740 mm in height, 575 mm in width and 564 mm in diameter.

    Morso 3610 is the one of Morso wood stoves that can generate up to 16 kilowatts of warmth and has loading log door on the side. This is 797 mm tall with width of 742 mm and diameter of 638 mm.

    Morso 5060 Inset Convector has a single door that produces 5.8 kilowatts of output. 590 mm is its height, 650 is its width and 20 mm is its diameter.

    morso wood stoves 5660 insertMorso 5660 Insert is the most eco-friendly type among Morso wood stoves models. This has an air-wash window with 6.6 kilowatts of output. It is 586 mm in height, 770 mm in width and 20 mm in diameter.

    Morso products are not only limited to Morso wood stoves. Others are known as Morso squirrel 1410 standard, Morso squirrel 1412 standard, Morso squirrel clean heat, Morso squirrel convector, Morso badger clean heat, Morso badger convector, Morso owl clean heat, Morso owl convector, Morso panther clean heat, Morso panther convector, Morsodove clean heat, Morso 04, Morso 06,Morso 08 which are all multi-fuel stoves.

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  • Morso Stoves, The Stove That’s Just Right for your Homes

    morso stoves 6140Morso stoves are very reliable because this product was able to cope up with the changing times. These stoves started out in the market since the early 1800’s and it is still in the business until now. It only goes to show that many house owners still consider the tall cylindrical Morso stoves to be very effective. This quality stove has proven its worth for centuries so you are assured that you will be purchasing signature stoves coupled with the latest trends and designs while still maintaining some of its classic features.

    Morso has perfected its use of the cast iron. You know very well that cast iron is very efficient when it comes to the wood burning process and you have nothing to be worried about especially when it comes to smoke emission in smoke control areas. The fire on this stove can be controlled easily through the use of the control button. If the temperature outside is unbearable, you can just ignite the fire and you can watch the flames turn to a roaring inferno. However, it is advisable for you to put on the slowly swirling flames on your Morso stoves come night time just to be safe.

    morso stoves squirrelThere are various types of Morso stoves but the Morso squirrel stove is the most popular because it is the smallest type. Thousand of this particular size has been sold in the past not only because of its quality performance but because of the fact that it can fit easily in any type of fireplace. On the other hand, the Morso badger stove boasts of its multi-fuel feature. This means you can just switch on the button if you want to conserve fuel and the fire level will be immediately lowered. The badger Morso stoves also comes with a clean contemporary line not to mention its effective and efficient burning system.

    Morso stoves PantherAnother best seller is the Morso panther stove with its super heat air emission which give the panther’s 9kW heating output a cleaner and smoke free glass. If your living room is medium in size, this stove can definitely fit in. More styles and designs of Morso stoves can be viewed if you visit the Morso site and you can surely find the right stove for your homes.

    One thing which is very unique when it comes to the Morso stoves is that it can produce amazing and beautiful flame patterns. Rarely do you find this particular feature in other brands of stoves in the market today. Extreme weather conditions can last up to a number of days so it is equally important for you to have the Morso stoves which can be used on a day in and day out basis. Morso Company was able to anticipate each and every customer’s qualms so they made large models for bigger buildings and smaller 5kW units for a single house use. The smaller stoves can produce high temperature of up to 16kW 1310 and this is big enough for most of the rooms in your home.



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